Yes, i know! its been a while since ive made a video or posted a blog entry, but ive been thinking about what to make with duct tape and i have some pretty cool ideas. i think i will make another website for nails because i absoulutly LOVE doing my nails!!! hopefully i will make something else soon!
hello, so have you seen the new duct tape? paintspatter and checkerboard!  its pretty cool!!!!! leave a comment on what you think of it and how you started duct taping.
Samantha here! i decided that i want to make weekly updates on my buisness and what i have made recently so here we go!

First i made a duct tape dreamcatcher and it turned out great!! it has both tye dye duct tapes, wire, and three black and white feathers. i have also made some customs wallets. I made one for my friend that was black and yellow and on the front it said black and yellow. Also I am so excited for the limited edition Hello Kitty duct tape! it is exclusive to Target and I will be getting very soon!  I am sorry for not having a wallet video on here but i will eventually make one... In fact i thnk i will make one tonight. So i will talk to you guys later... hmm i should figure out something so you can be a memeber on this website for free so i can send people updates.  I will be trying to figure it out! Bye!
Samantha here! and i am so excited!!!!!!! there is new duct tape out! its hello kitty duct tape!!!!!! two of my favorite things together!!! hello kitty and duct tape! im so excited if you want to see it just search hello kitty duct tape! thanks to everyone who visits this site! duct tape update! i now have 29 rolls.
I got more duct tape!!!! next time i make a wallet i will make a video on it! and for people who would like to buy wallets i will eventually make this website so you can buy things on it! yay!
Ok so im completely OUT of duct tape! i cant make more until i get more money! ugh!!!
ugh! completely out of duct tape!!!!!!!  i need some more! thats why there hasnt been any videos!
Hello everyone im going to make a video on how to make a duct tape wallet soon! ive gotten a comment about it so ya im going to be making one soon stay tuned!
How I started in the duct tape buisiness-
one day i looked on facebook and saw duck tape under suggestions i clicked on it and got an idea...
if I get tons of duck tape and then make stuff I can sell them and make money.  Then I thought I should make a website about this stuff and here I am today! 
How did you start duct taping????